If you're afraid to return to dust just like this skull, if in the contrary, "it" attracts you, fascinates you, obsesses you, amazes you, then click... that's sure that you will fall into "its" hands, sooner or later... "It"? Welcome on the unofficial DEATH WEBSITE ! 


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NEW: The roman-photo of death! 

  Laugh of mortal actuality with every week a caustic chronicle about an information, an event... NEW! Receive this death chronicle, every week without you make one movement in your mailbox!  Here you 'll find something to laugh in the dictionnary of death, a single piece of style and an instructive instrument for beginners with a lot of annexes, a test : are you a serial-killer?...  To cry like a children, now, with some texts from a lot of unknown writers, some cock-and-bull stories... All links to death and to other interesting sites... Come and speak with dead itself ! Laugh about it in mortal discussions ! If you note some  failures or anomalies, if you have constuctive ideas, don't hesitate, submit to my judgement...


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