Varied links:art, vomit and hashish

SMT old crab!

About this old crab,  sa majesté terrible, in worldwide exclusive, an obligatory crossing. Mortal music, several extracts to be played at the maximum volume, writings in the Neant-Ink location (soon a gigantic database where anybody could expose his personnal writings), projects (in french)...

be careful!

About hashish and  cannabis broadly speaking, a real searching motor, a worldwide encyclopedia where you 'll find all things you're looking for.


About the ethymology  of hashish explained from A to Z. (in french!)

 Wonderful skulls!

Mr belot?

About an unrecognized artist. Dominique Belot displays his oil paintings and his texts.


About  vomit-art, vooomiiland, orchestrated by "El vomit the damned. Graphics, music, games, pictures, forum, space for denunciation, links ("the lord of the rings")... so funny!


About some good stuff who ornament these pages, a site who index all types of graphics, a very useful method. You just need to introduce a keyword and go! (in french)



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