Some bad links 


About a lot of website which common particularity is the  macabre. An anthology of good things. A piece of advise: visit the toture's encyclopedia, first in top 50 and it's only logical! (all french sites!)


About vampires, an agreeable site, with very nice graphics... all that you must know about the thirsty for fresh blood...(in french)

jack the ripper

About  Jack the ripper


A lot of documents about criminology and other stuff like psychopathology

blow brains out!

About serial-killers, a really extraordinary site where every famous psycho is described for us ... in every details.

find the grave

A funny site called "find a grave". Explicit. About 2,5 millions graves registered! 

 Wonderful skulls!

stephane bourgoin

About Stephane Bourgoin: the site.

  cemetery's plan

About the illustrious Père Lachaise's cemetery, a particularly complete site, made by a passionate (in french).


About suicide, an only text site who assemble and describe many detailed poisoning methods. Where we can learn, between other things, that it's possible to commit suicide with aspirin, provided you respect appropriate doses...

mengele himself

About  Josef Mengele, a page from an austrian university.

cut me!

About the "Visible Human Project" (see on french TV), this is an american murderer, who has bequeath his body to the scientists. Some research workers have cut it in very fine particles, theseone are visible on the web.


About several  diseases, pure and true medicine and that make me laughing! (in french)


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